What are the most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies for investing?

27 Oct 2020
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Recently, the topic of investing in virtual currency is gaining more and more popularity and is one of the most attractive areas for investment.
There is nothing surprising, for example, bitcoin is the very first popular and popular cryptocurrency – from $ 0.074, its price eventually skyrocketed to $ 20,000, and many analysts argue that this is not the limit.
Cryptocurrency is also gradually gaining popularity. Many countries have already introduced systems for paying with this virtual money. Having huge potential in the future as an inflation-free, stable and always in demand form of money, in the near future cryptocurrency may well replace real money.
It is stable, secured not by the price of gold or oil, but by its own value, it allows you to instantly make any transactions with transfers and withdrawals.
What are the most popular cryptocurrencies?
After the triumph of bitcoin, many different cryptocurrencies appeared, both world and local “production”. It is worth figuring out which of them are in the top and what are the alternatives to bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin. The very first, currently the most expensive and most popular cryptocurrency. It is also the most stable of all. It first appeared in 2009 and from that moment gave rise to a new era of virtual currency. With a fantastic $ 300 billion in real funding potential, it is second to none among all alternative versions. Its quantity is limited and, despite the sharp jumps in price and the same drop, it remains the most profitable investment in cryptocurrency.
  2. Ethereum. Developed in 2016 by a Russian-Canadian programmer. The second most famous and financially growing representative of this list. He was already able to leave behind all other currencies in value and to get ahead. Its price for the first year of its existence has grown by more than 120 times and continues to grow steadily. A good alternative to bitcoin itself. Its economic value can already be estimated at $ 85 billion. For the price of one Ethereum, it costs about $ 850 in real dollars. In general, it is stable and the forecast for its growth allows it to become a worthy competitor to both bitcoin and not lose its position next to new cryptocurrencies.
  3. Ripple. This representative of the virtual currency was created with a specific task – for the banking sector and its operations. It was created not using blockchain technology like bitcoin, but on the RPCA platform. The only one whose price is secured in addition to its own value by valuable bonds. The financial potential of this cryptocurrency is about $ 42 billion.
  4. Bitcoin cash. It appeared in 2018 and almost immediately after its appearance made a sharp start up at its own cost. It differs from Ripple in that it is a code that performs the procedure of transactions and money transfer of cryptocurrency as quickly as possible, which very well increases the speed of mining this currency through mining.
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