The largest payment service provider in Europe wants to introduce cryptocurrency to pay for services

17 Dec 2020
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The largest payment service provider in Europe, the French company Worldline, wants to introduce cryptocurrency into a fixed retail system to pay for services. The pilot project, announced back in 2018, reports on the first successes: the initiative was successful, and the first tests of payments using Bitcoin and Ethereum look promising.
Pilot project in Switzerland
According to the portal, Worldline and the Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse have signed an agreement of intent to introduce bitcoin and other coins as a payment option. In mid-2020, some hotels, restaurants and shops were equipped with Worldwide specific solutions and, accordingly, began to accept BTC and ETH as alternative means of payment. Companies, in turn, receive payments in Swiss francs, Heise reports. Dealers should not bear currency risk.
According to BTC-Echo, cryptocurrency transactions have started arriving since late July and the trend is growing. About 75% of transactions were made using bitcoins, the rest fell on Ethereum. Integration of other cryptocurrencies is also possible in the future – the system is designed accordingly. Dealer reviews are also positive.
Simple payment process
Paying with digital coins looks pretty straightforward: the QR code at the checkout shows the equivalent value of the item in the respective cryptocurrency. Customers simply scan the code with a wallet app they trust and directly confirm the payment. Since many people already pay with their smartphones anyway, the move to cryptocurrency is “not so revolutionary anymore.”
Now that the first pilot trials have been so successful, it is important to further increase the adoption of crypto payments. Worldline operates in approximately 170 countries worldwide. If the pilot project in Switzerland continues to work successfully, the solution will be extended to the whole of Europe.
Austrian project Salamantex implements similar tools
In Austria, startup Salamantex relies on a similar concept. The pilot project with the local A1 TV company started last year in seven flagship stores. Meanwhile, the startup’s collaboration with Austria’s largest telecommunications company has been expanded, according to Trending Topics. Salamantex has managed to place cryptocurrency payment terminals in about 120 retail outlets, from car dealerships to supermarkets and jewelry boutiques.

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